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Indigo Pleated Pants

We liked them so much we made them in blue ! All the same details - with jaunty winged western pockets, edged with neat white stitching. Deftly tailored 1950s denim gives a comfortable fit, but sturdily made for rugged wear. White buttons with a zipper in the back seam.

These are proper jeans ! Made from authentic 100% cotton denim, so machine washable.Just turn inside out to retain colour and wash at 30 or 40 degrees.


 24"    60cm   100cm  33cm    30cm          20cm       87cm
 26"    65cm   105cm  35cm    31cm         21.5cm      87cm
 28"    71cm   110cm  37cm    32cm          23cm       87cm
 30"    74cm   114cm  37cm    34cm          24cm       87cm
 32"    80cm   120cm  38cm    35cm          25cm       87cm
 34"    84cm   124cm  39cm    37cm          26cm       87cm
 36"    90cm   130cm  40cm    38cm          26cm       87cm

Price: £60.00


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These lovely jeans would be great in a long leg! Hint hint !!

cherrybomb, 23 Dec 2014

These are the best jeans I have ever owned. So flattering and super comfy!

BlackSwansPond, 26 Aug 2013

I wear my Freddies all the time. My favorite memory in my Freddies jeans was taking my very first tap dance class in a bar.

meandevilene, 05 Dec 2012

i got my new pair of freddies (selvedge jeanies) three weeks ago and everytime i use them i get so many compliments about how good they look and how cool they are. and also: "where can i buy those jeans?" that´s the most common question i get when wearing them...

Fridagu 3/12 2012

fridafo, 03 Dec 2012

Although I'm a newbie here, I'm very excited to receive my Freddie's!! I can't wait! I have several friends who love their Freddie's!! I want them ALL!!

Marjorievp, 29 Nov 2012

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Indigo Pleated Pants
Indigo Pleated Pants Indigo Pleated Pants Indigo Pleated Pants
Indigo Pleated Pants Indigo Pleated Pants Indigo Pleated Pants

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