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Sale ! Black Cord Cigarette Pants

Beatnik Baby !!! Don't be a cube ! Get hip to the crazy beat !!
Here we have our black cord cigareete pants, inspired by those worn in the 1950's Soho Coffee bars "Heaven and Hell" and "le Macabre".
Made from an original pattern, these fitted and flattering cigarette pants are made in soft black 100% cotton corduroy - a wide "wale". Two black buttons at the ankle with an inverted pleat, a back zip and two front pockets.

These babies are machine washable despite the dry clean only label !

size waist  hip    rise  thigh inside leg  leg opening 
24"  59cm   94cm   35cm  28cm    66cm        15.5cm
26"  68cm  100cm   36cm  30cm    66cm        16.5cm
28"  74cm  102cm   36cm  31cm    66cm        17cm
30"  76cm  108cm   37cm  32cm    66cm        17.5cm
32"  82cm  112cm   38cm  32cm    66cm        18cm
34"  88cm  116cm   40cm  34cm    66cm        18cm 

Price: £15.00


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Fabulous trousers, I love everything about them.They're just so comfortable! Great quality cord, high standard of finish and perfect cut. Thanks, Freddies!

BlightyBelle, 31 Dec 2014


this is a beautiful trouser.But where is it,in the size 30?


lisairis, 29 Jun 2014

When when when will these darlings be available in waist 24" again?!?
I've been checking in every day for quite a while now, since I have and love the same model in blue and regretted ever since I bought them that I never got the other colours as well. Finger's crossed it'll be soon!

Miriam, 13 Mar 2013

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Sale ! Black Cord Cigarette Pants
Sale ! Black Cord Cigarette Pants Sale ! Black Cord Cigarette Pants Sale ! Black Cord Cigarette Pants
Sale ! Black Cord Cigarette Pants

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