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Jeanies Pedal Pushers

Made from indigo denim with a late 1950's narrow pedal pusher leg. With lemon stitching, front pocket rivets, two button waistband and a yoke on the back.

These are proper jeans ! Made from authentic 100% cotton denim, so machine washable.Just turn inside out to retain colour and wash at 30 or 40 degrees.


Size Waist  Hip  Rise Thigh  Width at Hem  Leg Length
24"  60cm  94cm  36cm  27cm     15cm        66cm
26"  66cm  98cm  36cm  28cm     16cm        66cm
28"  70cm 102cm  37cm  29cm     17cm        66cm
30"  74cm 108cm  38cm  30cm     18cm        66cm
32"  80cm 110cm  39cm  31cm     18cm        66cm   
34"  86cm 115cm  41cm  32cm     19cm        66cm
36"  91cm 119cm  41cm  33cm     19cm        66cm

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Price: £70.00


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I wasn't certain about the size, since my measurements were between sizes (waist 76cm). I emailed Freddies and they recommended me to go for size 30'' (the smaller one). For a while when they were on the way, I was almost sure, I had made a mistake and should have taken the larger one. When they arrived they felt rather tight and sturdy around the waist, especiall sitting down became an issue at first. So I pulled the material at the waist in all directions until it became smoother and a little more loose and after wearing them for about 1-2 hours they started feeling absolutely fabulous. I am so happy I got them and took Freddies avise about the right size. They look perfect and flattering all day - not like other Jeans that look worn out and out of shape after just one day. They keep in shape what they have to and give way where the should do. I love them!

UrsulaM, 08 Aug 2017

These are fabulous, especially on a petite figure that's 5 ft 2! No need for alterations to shorten the leg length. 👍

Tamara1972, 04 Jul 2017

These are fab! Neat fitting, dark denim, super flattering. I have a 27" waist and went for the 28" as my Jeanie jeans are quite snug in the 26" (and the fit is similar). Glad I did. They still look and feel beautifully fitted but aren't too tight for warmer weather and I can tuck in top with ease! Love them!

mabelstar, 11 May 2014

Bought these pedal pushers and they are amazing. The fit is super and they look fabulous on :) Kelly :)

carrieb, 09 Mar 2013

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Jeanies Pedal Pushers

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