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Our Freddies of Pinewood Classic 1950s jeans have a high waist, side zip hidden inside the pocket, 5 belt loops and huge patch pockets on the back.
Wow !!

These are proper jeans ! Made from authentic 100% cotton denim, so machine washable.Just turn inside out to retain colour and wash at 30 or 40 degrees.



Size  waist  hip  thigh  front rise   leg length   leg width
24"   61cm   96cm  30cm    35cm          82/92cm    22cm
26"   66cm  100cm  31cm    36cm          82/92cm    23cm
28"   71cm  105cm  32cm    36cm          82/92cm    24cm
30"   76cm  110cm  33cm    37cm          82/92cm    24cm
32"   81cm  114cm  34cm    38cm          82/92cm    25cm
34"   86cm  120cm  35cm    40cm          82/92cm    26cm
36"   91cm  124cm  36cm    40cm          82/92cm    26cm 
38"   96cm  128cm  37cm    40cm          82/92cm    26cm
40"   101cm 132cm  38cm    40cm          82/92cm    26cm
42"   106cm 138cm  39cm    41cm          82/92cm    26cm

click here for more sizing info

Price: £60.00


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Looove my classics. I'm usually a high 14-16 but had to size up from a 36 to a 38. They gap a bit in the back but nothing a belt can't fix, they may stretch a bit after some wear, but my tailor is awesome and will hopefully be able to take them in. I will be ordering more pairs for sure. I wish all the other jeans came in bigger sizes, because I would be buying one of everything

Caitlin, 02 Feb 2017

My size has gone up and down as my weight has fluctuated like mad in last few years and have been hiding away in "cheap modern baggy jeans". Starting to get really low after not being able to get into my freddies! Decided to order a new pair and ensured I followed the size chart - they've just arrived and I could cry! I finally look like me again - these classics are so feminine and a perfect shapely fit. I finally look like a woman again. Just annoyed with myself for not ordering a new pair sooner!! THANK YOU

Viva Vintage, 01 Nov 2016

Just received these today and I love love LOVE them!!!!

Louiserhucroft, 20 Oct 2016

I go my jeans today and I'm so glad I took the risk. I ordered regular length in 32 inches waist; it was a little snug at first but it gives. It arrived to Minnesota,USA fairly quick. The fit is so flattering. I will be back for another pair. I'll order in longer length next time so I can roll it up.

2late2soon, 30 Sep 2016

I've tried a 28" in Rivets so went for a 26" Classic as there didn't seem to be much difference in the measurements. They are rather a snug fit at the minute but they'll relax (and I'm losing weight).

They fit very neatly around my derriere and make me look as if I've got defined waist and hips for a change. Love them.

JackyM, 14 May 2016

THESE EFFING ROCK. Got them in the mail yesterday, wore them today - hot damn! 3 different people stopped me on the street asking where I got them. I have 29" waist and 45" hip, got the size 30 and they fit like dream. They definitely relax a little bit after sitting at work all day.

These are my first of what will be many pairs of Freddies!

Imtellingcaity, 19 Mar 2016

I bought the size 44 though I actually needed the 42. I was scared because it was my 1st time buying from this company but was desperate for a super high rise since I have a pretty large bottom and a very short waist.
They were too big but after 1 cycle in the washer on extra hot and 1 cycle on extra high heat in the dryer they now fit quite well. From now on I will only air dry them. They arrived fast to my home in Los Angeles, I love my new jeans.

Lilikoi, 07 Oct 2015

These are my second pair of Classic jeans. I am a bit of an inbetween size, either 26" or 28" waist. I bought a 26" waist pair just last week second hand which fitted a treat and bought a second pair in 26" , new, today. I must admit that I was a bit unsure as to whether I might need to wriggle about a bit to get in a new pair as jeans always need to be worn a bit before they 'ease', but to my happy surprise they fitted exactly the same as the second hand pair!

They are very comfortable, in what seems to be a slightly softer, lighter weight denim than my Rivet Jeans. Once on they are so comfortable that I don't feel like they are even on. PERFECT.


Skyetbc1997, 31 Jul 2015

These are my second pair of Classics and I love them, they don't seem such a relaxed fit as my first pair, tighter on the thigh etc but I prefer them as they look more streamlined,, fantastic long leg, well done ♥♥♥

cherrybomb, 01 Jul 2015

OH MY GOSH! Got my first pair of Freddies Classics today and Im a very happy gal. The bum and tum look great, fantastic shape, fit and quality. Ill definitely be a returning customer...Thanks Freddies.

CatsMother, 31 Mar 2015

Best £55 I've ever spent! Beautifully made and actually fit properly, not like silly jeans on the high street. Will definitely be ordering again!

TheVintageVegan, 07 Feb 2015

I recieved my firtst Freddies. I love them!
My hips are much wider than my waist, so I don't find many jeans that fit me, these are lovely!
A small remark, when I put the jeans on for the first they fitted perfectly. Now I've worn them for 4 days, and it feels like she is to big. I think I'll order a smaller size the next model I pick...

BelfiB, 29 Sep 2014

see my comments on the teddy as I got this pair as well and they are sooooooooooo amazing, comfy, funky and such a buzz to wear them. so many folks have told me how great they fit. roll on xmas for my next shopping spree.

angiogram, 11 Jul 2014

These are my introduction to Freddies and are great, I love them. have also go the teddy girl as couldnt make up my mind out of the two. the customer service was second to none. can wait to add more styles to my xmas lis.

angiogram, 11 Jun 2014

My first pair of freddies classic jeans have arrived today and they are great! - they have got to be the most comfortable and flattering jeans I have ever owned.

I was a bit worried about whether they would fit well - but I followed the instructions for measuring correctly and it works!

well worth the price - wondering which pair to order next!

Jan 2014

yorkslass, 24 Jan 2014

I love these jeans! dress well and shape the body .. the belly is gone :)! It took just a little bit to pull up the zipper, but it adatteranno.le measures indicated in the table are quite reliable .. even if in waist I go a little wide though I am 98, and the measure in Table 91 indicate cm.sono very happy and will definitely be buying other models! Freddies thanks
Laura, 4 November 2013

loreen, 04 Nov 2013

I love these jeans! dress well and shape the body .. the belly is gone :)! It took just a little bit to pull up the zipper, but it adatteranno.le measures indicated in the table are quite reliable .. even if in waist I go a little wide though I am 98, and the measure in Table 91 indicate cm.sono very happy and will definitely be buying other models! Freddies thanks

Laura, 4 November 2013

loreen, 04 Nov 2013

I followed the instructions on how to measure and was surprised I am smaller than I thought kept my fingers crossed and was so pleased with the result. They fit perfectly so so comfortable and stylish. Thats me hooked I will be buying more. Just love these jeans. Thanks

MichelleG, 31 Aug 2013

I bought a pair of Classics recently, and they are pretty great! The blue is a nice, deep color, and the denim is a satisfying medium weight -- heavy enough to feel substantial, but not so heavy that it feels hot on a warm day.

They are looooong, which is great for me as my legs are uneven and I have to hem every pair of pants. I did notice a bit of shrinkage in the length when I washed and dried the jeans, but only a smidge and as I said there's lots of room in the length. (I'm 5' 8" tall, just barely, and I usually like a nice long inseam of 33" on my longer leg.) I also like the extra button at the waist. Because the jeans are 100% cotton, they stretch a bit if you wear them for a few days, and it's nice to be able to adjust the waist button to accommodate that.

I do yearn for Freddies to make some full-length jeans with roomier hips, or a smaller waist, though. My own personal measurements are waist 28", hips 40" and I had to buy the size 30 to get the hips large enough to allow me to move comfortably and sit down without feeling like I'm going to bust a seam (the hips are about 34" in the jeans). This means I had to take in the waist at the back seam -- a somewhat tricky operation that might not be within everyone's skill set.

Another small quibble: the zipper is a touch closer to the side seam than I'd like -- it's hard to get it all the way unzipped without some contortions.

Even with these caveats, I do recommend these jeans! I love them and wear them frequently, and I always get compliments. Plus, the staff couldn't be friendlier and more helpful.

tinyproj, 24 Jun 2013

These are the best jeans I've ever had!!! Perfect fit and very flattering, i went by my exact measures, ordered a 30" and they fit perfectly. The leg is not too wide which I was a bit worried about when i ordered them but it folds up nicely and looks great. These are my first Freddie's jeans but will definetely not be my last!

pimpim, 04 Jun 2013

These jeans are the perfection, so comfortables! Be careful with the sizing as they give few centimeters after wearing them a couple of days.

This is the advice we give on the sizing page - we always suggest that you look there first.

Maiwenn, 13 May 2013

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