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Dungaree Dolls

Versatile 1940's style dungarees made from indigo denim with no stretch. They have a wide leg, huge pockets on the front, a cute hanky pocket and patch pockets on the back. The straps cross at the back and fasten with two buttons.

These are proper jeans ! Made from authentic 100% cotton denim, so machine washable.Just turn inside out to retain colour and wash at 30 or 40 degrees.


Hip is measured approx. 30cms down from top of waistband.

Size  Waist   Hip    Thigh  Front    Leg     Leg     Bib
                            Rise    Length  Width   Height

24"   60cm   102cm   30cm   35cm   82/92cm   26cm    24cm 
26"   67cm   106cm   31cm   36cm   82/92cm   25cm    24cm
28"   72cm   110cm   32cm   37cm   82/92cm   26cm    25cm
30"   77cm   114cm   34cm   37cm   82/92cm   27cm    25cm
32"   82cm   119cm   35cm   39cm   82/92cm   28cm    29cm
34"   88cm   122cm   36cm   41cm   82/92cm   29cm    30cm
36"   94cm   122cm   37cm   42cm   85/91cm   30cm  29cm          

Price: £70.00


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My dungaree dolls were delivered just as I was leaving for coffee yesterday. I was so excited I jumped out of the car, grabbed them from the mail man, ran back into the house and put them on.
They are awesome! I wore them to coffee. They fit great! And they arrived on my birthday!
I just can't believe they are such a great fit!

Rosie USA , 02 Apr 2017

So happy with them. My pupils love them

Bettybel, 21 Oct 2016

Absolutely in love with my new Freddie's Dungaree Dolls! They fit beautifully. Just need to adjust the buttons a touch on the braces as I'm only short but very, very pleased. Yippee! Xx

Inky_Octopus, 12 Jul 2016

Absolutely in love with my new Freddie's Dungaree Dolls! They fit beautifully. Just need to adjust the buttons a touch on the braces as I'm only short but very, very pleased. Yippee! Xx

Inky_Octopus, 12 Jul 2016

Absolutely love these dungarees! Amazing fit and they get more comfortable after each wear :) Thank you Freddie's! <3

Emilia_alund, 26 Apr 2016

Thank you Freddies , these are amazing , I look a whole size smaller &#128512; I am so pleased that within the week I ordered the classics ,again they are fab and arrived within 3 days , don't think I will buy any other make of jeans again . It just took me a while to get use to the sizing but now I'm saving for my next pair . One very very happy customer .

SETHSNANA, 11 Nov 2015

Wow amazing , I look a whole size smaller, I have never had jeans fit like this and now can't wait to get another pair ,plus they arrived within 3 days , thank you Freddies one very satisfied customer .

SETHSNANA, 02 Nov 2015

This is my first Freddies purchase and I have to say I am happy that I made it. These dungarees are super cute and fit pretty well considering how short I am. I will have to move the buttons on the straps but that is a non issue. I got them within a week from the UK to the US, made for a great weekend surprise! The only issue I have, and I am sure it is just my odd shape or just my luck of get the odd pair, is that the "crotch" seam does not run completely straight. It is like the fabric was cut off bias or something. Also the bib is quite a bit wide for my frame, but I think moving the buttons will lessen that issue. All in all the jeans are great quality and super cute and comfy. I will probably be purchasing the jeanies next!
FREDDIES REPLY We paid for them to be returned and could not find anything wrong.They measured symmetrical.Offered a refund.

mrskatrogers, 29 Sep 2015

Oh my gosh! I have just received my dungarees and I truely cannot express how absolutely frilled I am with them. The fit is perfect, they are so very comfortable and look fabulous on (I have a new found love for my waist and derrière). This was my first purchase from Freddies and an international one, the parcel arrived in little over a week from checkout all the way to New Zealand. Super pleased with my complete Freedies of Pinewood adventure. Thank you so much.

Cecile, 04 Aug 2015

Totally agree with cherry these are great, super flattering, and would be great if they were also made as jeans. Considered buying a pair and cutting the bib off the that just seems wasteful.

Screen Siren, 19 Dec 2014

Love love love these dungarees, great fit for a curvy figure

Kimykonka, 01 Dec 2014

Love love love these dungarees, great fit for a curvy figure

Kimykonka, 01 Dec 2014

Really love these dungarees! They fit really well (i just had to move the buttons on the straps) and are very flattering. I'm sure I'll wear them all the time!

Sarah1976, 21 Aug 2014

Just received my second pair of these today, superb quality, love the fit and super long! Very happy thanks!

cherrybomb, 23 Jul 2014

Best fit ever! Everyone loves them, superb quality, wear them to death and they keep their shape superbly. Love, love, love!

mungodingo, 16 Jul 2014

Love these, the weight of the denim is spot on, nice and heavy! Saving for a second pair to cut the bib off as I love the fit of the jeans that much, nice if these were made as jeans as well they are that good.

cherrybomb, 15 Jul 2014

Thank you so much! Love my dungarees and can't wait to buy my next pair of Freddies!

Rumble_P, 03 Jun 2014

Love my dungarees, thank you so much!

Sonia Jane king, 04 May 2014

These dungarees are brilliant! I bought the wrong size initially, but Freddie's exchanged them quickly and without fuss. Did a small alteration to make the fit perfect (I'm an awkward size) but they are well made so that wasn't a problem. I'll be getting another pair when I can scrape together the money.

bowsie, 20 Aug 2013

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Dungaree Dolls
Dungaree Dolls Dungaree Dolls Dungaree Dolls

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