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Black Classic Pedal Pushers

Deepest darkest black/ green denim but kiwi green on the inside,giving a great turn up! Same great fit as the full length Classic,but in a pedal pusher length. PLEASE CHECK THE SIZING PAGE.

These are proper jeans ! Made from authentic  denim, so machine washable.Just turn inside out to retain colour and wash at 30 or 40 degrees.

100% cotton denim

Made in England

For sizing advice click here

Size  waist  hip  thigh front rise leg length leg width
24"   60cm  96cm   30cm    36cm      66cm         18cm  
26"   68cm  100cm  31cm    36cm      66cm       18.5cm
28"   70cm  105cm  32cm    37cm      66cm       19.5cm
30"   76cm  110cm  33cm    37cm      66cm       20.5cm
32"   80cm  114cm  34cm    39cm      66cm         22cm
34"   88cm  120cm  34cm    40cm      66cm         23cm
36"   91cm  124cm  35cm    40cm      66cm         24cm    

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  • £70.00 inc. VAT

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