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Johnny Cap


Here it is – the Johnny Cap !!

Be just like Marlon Brando in the Wild One. This cap is a high quality item Made In England in 100% Cotton Twill, with the correct black peak and metal band across the front. What are you rebelling against?

SMALL 57cm 22 1/2″
MEDIUM 59cm 23 1/4″





24 3/4″

Made in the UK Made in the UK

Available options:

1 - 5
Review of Johnny Cap

robert j roper 425 high vista drive davenport florida, i keep trying to order a brando hat color tan size 23 1/2 but i could not give my credit card # please send me the information about purchasing the brando and ask for my credit card master-card number thanks i will respond quickly

Review of Johnny Cap

my e-mail name is what i want is a tan brando motorcycle hat size 23 1/2 with a silver band on the front what is my cost then i’ll send you my credit card # so you can send me the hat,cheers robert

Review of Johnny Cap

Let me tell you! This was a fantastic experience. I am from New York City and this hat is not offered in it’s authenticity, at all! There are “knock offs” of the Brando Hat that are nowhere near the Brando “Johnny” mystique. If you really wanted one you would have to special order it at $400 and up. This is the real deal. But…it’s not all about the hat.
The service was Excellent and I recommend Freddie’s highly and say to them…you gotta get more stuff!
Thanks form Brooklyn.