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Review of Dungaree Dolls

Review for Dungaree Dolls
Review of Dungaree Dolls
This is my first Freddies purchase and I have to say I am happy that I made it. These dungarees are super cute and fit pretty well considering how short I am. I will have to move the buttons on the straps but that is a non issue. I got them within a week from the UK to the US, made for a great weekend surprise! The only issue I have, and I am sure it is just my odd shape or just my luck of get the odd pair, is that the "crotch" seam does not run completely straight. It is like the fabric was cut off bias or something. Also the bib is quite a bit wide for my frame, but I think moving the buttons will lessen that issue. All in all the jeans are great quality and super cute and comfy. I will probably be purchasing the jeanies next!FREDDIES REPLY We paid for them to be returned and could not find anything wrong.They measured symmetrical.Offered a refund.