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Review of Jeanies

Review for Jeanies
Review of Jeanies
Yeah...I ordered these because every other style I was interested in was out of stock in my size at the time. I ended up having to exchange my regular size to go up in the waist because they were tight in the hip/thigh. Of course NOW the bit about not being for curvy girls has been added to the description. And I have a pair of pants that fit in the thigh and are too big in the waist. I'm willing to alter, but I don't think it would help how these look on. I wore them once. I feel like I've been burned, and the descriptions and measurements can't be trusted—not sure I'd bother with the hassle of ordering pants again.FREDDIES REPLY -THESE WERE DESIGNED FOR LADIES WHO ARE NOT CURVY.THAT INFORMATION HAS BEEN THERE FOR SOMETIME AND SORRY YOU MISSED IT.SEE OTHER COMMENTS TOO,SOME CURVY LADIES ALSO LIKE THEM! YOU COULD HAVE RETURNED THEM WITHIN THE USA AND GOT A REFUND.