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Review of Jeanies

Review for Jeanies
Review of Jeanies
I would like to leave this comment for slightly bigger gals:Pants size: American 12 or 14Waist: 30 inchesHeight: 5 feet & 4.5 inchesFreddie's: Size 34, normal lengthI already own a pair of Classics but these are a nice fit with a more slender look. I ordered a 34 ( which fit completely different than than the classics.) I'm an American size 12 usually. My derrière is large, my thighs are large, my hips are a bit curvy and I don't have much of a waist but these jeans surprisingly fit. It gives a more slimming look to a curvy figure because of not only the color but the stiffness of the denim which tucks in the tummy well. The legs are totally straight (no taper nor flare) so for a larger gal the legs will will not have that tradional vintage wide leg look but but they not be as slim as in the model in the photo who is thin. I hope this helps someone who may be on the fence about buying these who isn't skinny. Go for it, these are very nice jeans.