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Review of Jeanies Pedal Pushers

Review for Jeanies Pedal Pushers
Review of Jeanies Pedal Pushers
I wasn't certain about the size, since my measurements were between sizes (waist 76cm). I emailed Freddies and they recommended me to go for size 30'' (the smaller one). For a while when they were on the way, I was almost sure, I had made a mistake and should have taken the larger one. When they arrived they felt rather tight and sturdy around the waist, especiall sitting down became an issue at first. So I pulled the material at the waist in all directions until it became smoother and a little more loose and after wearing them for about 1-2 hours they started feeling absolutely fabulous. I am so happy I got them and took Freddies avise about the right size. They look perfect and flattering all day - not like other Jeans that look worn out and out of shape after just one day. They keep in shape what they have to and give way where the should do. I love them!