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Review of Ton Up Jeans

Review for Ton Up Jeans
Review of Ton Up Jeans
First order from FoP! I've been thinking about getting a pair of their jeans for about a year or more. I once emailed their helpful customer service about the size as I was unsure of which one to get. I liked the fit of the Jeannies, the Beatniks and the Ton ups, but I was worried that the Jeanies would come up very high in my short torso (for reference, I'm 5.2, B32 W25 H38), I thought the Beatniks would be too big for my waist, and wasn't sure whether I would have to size up in the Ton ups. Their advice was to get size 24" in any of them. So finally (after a year of internal deliberations) and taking advantage of the fact that they were on sale, I settled for the Ton ups. They have finally arrived today and they are exactly as described! I sooo love them! But I hope they'll give with time, because frankly, after managing to pull the zipper up I've ended up blistering my index left finger!For petite ladies like me, 34 cm is the perfect rise; any longer and they would look as if you've borrowed your mum's jeans. For anything else, the size chart seems to be pretty accurate.Be ware curvy ladies! These jeans might not be for you.